Business Matching

We connect you worldwide be it in consumer electronics, web based SAAS startups or industrial and consutrction.  See our past projects as a testatment to our experience

International Growth Strategy Consulting

1. Kids Club Spanish School (Spain – SAAS): Asia strategy and search for investors

2. USA Group (Spain – CNC Machining): ASEAN opportunity assessment and growth plan

3. Besco Supplies (Singapore - Building supplies): Digital Marketing strategy, digital asset development (web, landing pages, animations, email automation, new sales presentation)

4. CV. Sinar Baja Electric (Indonesia - Loudspeakers): Digital Marketing strategy, product development (Loudspeaker kits), digital asset development (web, landing pages

International Lead Generation & Business Matching (Prospect identification, prioritization and sales management)

1. USA Group (Spain – CNC Machining): Thailand 

2. Resonance (India – SAAS): Singapore 

3. Besco supplies (Singapore – Building Supplies): Indonesia 

4. Submer (Spain – Data Center Cooling): Thailand & Philippines 

5. Cypet (Cyprus – Bottling machines): Thailand & Vietnam 

6. Viridian (UK – Vitamins): Thailand research & lead generation

7. Pedro Ortiz (Spain – Sofas): Singapore 

8. BSI Winery (Spain – Wine): Singapore 

9. Elephant Projects (Spain – Stand manufacturing): Singapore 

10. Agrucapers (Spain – Food): Singapore 

11. CV. Sinar Baja Electric (Indonesia – Electro-acoustic transducers): Singapore & Malaysia 

12. SB Acoustics (Indonesia – Loudspeaker brand) : Singapore & Malaysia Business 

13. Guilin Zhishen Information Technology Co (China – Zhiyun brand of Gimbal Stabilizers): Singapore & Malaysia 

14. MyGrowTech Sdn Bhd (Malaysia – CAD/CAM): Thailand & Indonesia